07 October 2012

Ear To The Ground

I haven't posted anything on this blog for a very long time and thought to pick up where I left off.  I'll be using this platform as a sort of exercise–leading me into another long term urban landscape based project in SFO / OAK.  Any feed back you may have on my posts/process is, as always, greatly appreciated.  

Cemetery, Molstrasse, Berlin  
Post, Danzigerstrasse, Berlin

10 May 2011

30 April 2011

A Chance Meeting in Neuk├Âlln

Winter, Berlin 2007. A young man wearing sandals in the fresh snow stopped to introduce himself. He had recently immigrated to Germany from Yemen and wanted to know why I was making a photograph of such an ugly building. I laughed. He then proceeded to offer his services as a tour guide and personal assistant. I had to laugh again (I was unemployed at the moment and looking for work in a new city myself). We bid each other farewell.

Conjuring - My Block, SF

I made this picture several years ago while in SF. Those trucks and the houses are somehow so classic San Francisco. Better yet, this scene has changed very little if at all in the last eight or so years. Gotta get back. Fam to be seen and work to be made.

22 April 2011

Side Notes from Kris Graves Pt. II (Winter's Manhattan)

Two photographs from Kris Graves taken in Manhattan facing east and south west respectively.

These two pictures in particular speak to me - I miss many things from New York but that walk west towards Tenth Avenue in the freezing cold months is not one of them.
I'm requesting that you go to his blog and write him a nice little note because he's a very hard working fella and his photographs deserve your attention.

10 April 2011

A Lesson in Recycling

This is one of three locations in Berlin which was built using the red marble from Hitler's chancellery.